The hostel Klösterle
The Klösterle in San Floriano near Laag/Laghetti di Neurmarkt/Egna was built in the 13th century. As a hostel for pilgrims it offered accommodation to many travellers, among them in 1494 to Albrecht Dürer on his way to Venice. At the end of the 13th century after the opening of the nearby market in Neumarkt the hostel Klösterle lost its function because many travellers began to prefer accommodation in the inns in the splendid Neumarkt village centre.
Klösterle is one of the few fully surviving hostels in Europe. The Romanesque building is astonishingly well preserved.
Today the Klösterle is no longer open to the public. On some days, however, it is a venue for exhibitions, events and more.

Albrecht Dürer path
The Klösterle is the starting point of the Albrecht Dürer path that runs via Pochi/Buchholz near Salorno/Salurn to the Segonzano earth pyramids in Val di Cembra, Trentino.
 The great painter, graphic artist and art theoretician from Nuremberg passed here in 1494 on his way to Venice. Visit the villages, valleys and woods that were recorded by this German artist.