On the south side of our country, where bucolic tradition and Mediterranean flair come together and unite as one, the Kalterer See/Caldaro Lake ranges over the beautiful landscape, surrounded by vineyards at the foot of the grand Leuchtenburg Castle. The culinary specialties, varied events and the relaxing atmosphere create a unique holiday paradise.

Did you know?
Did you already know that the Kalterer See is classified as the lake with the warmest water temperature in the Alps? That comes as no surprise, considering that lake's average depth is about 4 meters - on hot summer days, the water temperature reaches about 28°C! The lake developed due to the Adige's riverbed during the last ice age. The southern waterside involves the biggest wetlands between the Po Valley and the main chain of the Alps. Officially nominated as "Natura 2002", the biotope is an important furcation for many avian routes; therefore, about 100 bird species can be observed.

Take some time for fun and action
You are not interested into simply laying in the sun and relax? You are looking for some action and interesting activities? Then the Kalterer See is definitely the right place for you. Besides the numerous bathing facilities around the lake, which are ideal for children and families, many windsurfer and sailors enjoy the gusts of wind during the afternoon. There is also the possibility to rent a paddleboat or a rowboat. The hiking tour or bike tour around the Kalterer See, or the tour up to the Leuchtenburg Castle is recommended - the panoramic view is incredible.
When summer is over and the winter spreads around our country, with a bit of luck, the Kalterer See turns into a magical ice skating place in the middle of a winter wonderland.