Winegrowing has long characterised the life and the culture of the people in and around Castelfeder. Just over a third of the winegrowing area of South Tyrol, some 1,800 ha, are found in the winegrowing communities of Bassa Atesina: Salorno/Salurn has 450 ha, Neumarkt/Egna 150 ha, Montan/Montagna 130 ha and Auer/Ora 60 ha of vineyards.

On sun-drenched slopes and along the wine route wine growers produce fantastic wines. The various locations, the diverse ground and the many different micro climates in the vineyards in Bassa Atesina ensure that a very broad spectrum of grapes is grown and flourishes in the winegrowing region of South Tyrol. Despite this diversity there are some dominating grapes, especially Pinot Noir, which finds ideal conditions here and its most perfect expression.

Good grapes are also ideally suitable for sparkling wine. Under the label of “Sekt Haderburg” the Hausmannhof estate above Salorno has for over 40 years been producing sparkling wines using traditional methods. The base wines are produced carefully before the sparkling wine is created in a classic bottle fermentation process.