Auer / Ora, Montan / Montagna, Neumarkt / Egna and Salorno / Salurn

Holiday region Castelfeder Bolzano / Bozen and environs

The holiday villages Auer / Ora, Montan / Montagna, Neumarkt / Egna and Salorno / Salurn are situated south of Bolzano / Bozen, framed by orchards and vineyards. Beautiful wines flourish here, especially Pinot Noir, and crispy apples. Kalterer See / Lago di Caldaro is not far and the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage are close enough to touch. Culinary delights, relaxation or sporting activity: here in the holiday region Bolzano and environs everyone gets the best out of their holiday.

Castelfeder hill, that gave the region its name, is at the heart of the holiday region. It arises between the villages and connects them. It is as fascinating as it is unique. Old wall footings point to fortifications dating back to Late Antiquity and to a pre-historic settlement.
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Sunset on the Weißhorn
Europe's hiking village Altrei/Anterivo
Nature Park Trudner Horn/Monte Corno
Aldein/Aldino & Radein/Radegno
Castelfeder - Arcadia of Tyrol
Geoparc Bletterbach
"Grossner" Fields
Truden/ Trodena
Wine culture in South Tyrol's south
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Nach einigen sehr frühlingshaften Tagen, ist der Winter in den Bergen wieder zurück! Die Landschaft ist einfach wunderschön ☃️❄️


Dopo alcuni giorni molto primaverili, è tornato l‘inverno in montagna! Il paesaggio è veramemte stupendo ☃️❄️

Reposts: @truden_trodena & Tourismusverein Aldein-Radein-Jochgrimm

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After some warm and spring-like days, winter is back in the mountains with lots of snow! Not gonna lie, the landscape looks incredibly beautiful! ❄️☃️

Reposts from @truden_trodena and @aldein_radein_jochgrimm

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Strahlendes Wetter und angenehme Temperaturen!🌞 Da kommt ein Spaziergang entlang des Blauburgunderweges in Mazon genau richtig. Der Frühling lässt sich auch schon so langsam blicken 🌸


Tempo spettacolare e temperature gradevoli! 🌞 Una passeggiata lungo il sentiero del Pinot Nero a Mazzon è proprio quello che ci vuole. Pian pianino si fa anche notare la primavera 🌸

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Fotos von Carneval Auroras Beitrag

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Castelfeder sulla Strada del Vino Soc. Coop. a r. l.
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39040 - Auer / Ora - Südtirol/Alto Adige - Italy
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