The Dolomites are THE symbol of South Tyrol and since 2009 have been Unesco World Heritage. The majestic mountains of fossilised algae and coral reefs grew over a period of 250 million years in the warm Tethys Ocean. When this sank, the rugged white Dolomites arose majestically. The “pale mountains” of magnesium-rich lime stone are different from the other mountains in the area and excite viewers. A special spectacle is the alpenglow, the glowing of the Dolomites at sunset.

Protected from the outside the Ladin peoples in the valleys in the Dolomites were protected and still live there today. The language is a mix of Romansh and Vulgar Latin and is still the first language of some 18,000 people. The Ladin peoples live predominantly in the valleys going off from the Sella group, Val Gardena, Val Badia, Fassa and Livinallongo.

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