Between the holiday villages on this strategically important porphyry hill arises Castelfeder (from castello, the Italian word for castle). Castelfeder is a prehistoric and Roman as well as early Medieval settlement characterised by the remnants of several structures and buildings on a large hilltop. The place is a true place of energy and thanks to its sunny location a popular destination for excursions, especially in spring.

Today sections of the encircling defensive wall with the well-known “Kuchelen” castle walls and parts of the Barbara chapel from the 6th century are still retained. The sunny Castelfeder hill also impresses with its interesting plants, ancient oak trees and a biotope.
Castelfeder hill has another amazing feature: the fertility slide, a flat, almost shiny polished slide carved into the porphyry. The slide is said to have been the centre of an ancient fertility cult. Rumour has it that even today sliding down it still results in the arrival of a much yearned-for baby.
The hill is also home to grazing goats, much to the delight of visiting children.