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🇩🇪 Die Rai Sendereihe „Linea Verde Tour“ zu den Südtiroler Produkten widmete sich auch unserer Region Castelfeder. Am Samstag, 8. Mai um 12 Uhr wird die Folge rund um den Südtiroler Wein ausgestrahlt. Gedreht wurde diese entlang der Südtiroler Weinstraße, mit besonderem Schwerpunkt auf Salurn und Kaltern sowie dem Besuch zweier Weinkellereien und einem Abstecher nach Castelfeder. Wir bedanken uns für diese verstärkte Sichtbarkeit unserer Region. Außerdem haben sich schnell viele Freiwillige finden lassen, die hier mitgeholfen haben, ob in der Betreuung der Redaktionsteams oder als Interviewpartner. Herausheben möchten wir hier das „Komitee für den Erhalt von Castelfeder“ sowie die Tourismusreferentin von Salurn, Frau Samantha Endrizzi. Wir alle sind begeistert und freuen uns schon sehr auf die Ausstrahlung! Der italienische Markt ist sehr wichtig für unsere Region!

🇮🇹 La serie della Rai "Linea Verde Tour" sui prodotti altoatesini è stata dedicata anche alla nostra regione di Castelfeder. Sabato 8 maggio alle ore 12 verrà trasmessa la puntata dedicata al vino dell' Alto Adige. È stato girato lungo la Strada del Vino, con particolare enfasi su Salorno e Caldaro, oltre a una visita a due cantine e una gita a Castelfeder. Siamo molto felici! Inoltre, molti volontari sono stati rapidamente trovati per dare una mano. Vorremmo ringraziare il "Comitato per la conservazione di Castelfeder" e l' Assessore comunale di Salorno, la signora Samantha Endrizzi. Non vediamo l'ora di andare in onda! Il mercato italiano è molto importante per la nostra regione.

📸 TG Castelfeder / Albert Ceolan

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»The soil is the origin. The maintenance of his natural fertility and vitality is a duty. The production of of wines - as natural as possible - is the goal«
The Dornach estate (Dornach, Patrick Uccelli) was first settled 5000 years ago and documented as a farm in 1288. Since 1836, it has been a family-run farm, which is managed with passion and absolute connection to nature.

🔸 The winery is located above Salorno/Salurn and is run by Karoline and Patrick - an absolute dream team in agriculture! Their philosophy: To live in harmony with nature! They work according to the biodynamic farming principle and live it with heart and soul!

🍇 Since 2019 they have a very special concept of labelling their wines. Every bottle is marked with a number. The numbering is progressive and continues from bottling to bottling, without interruptions. The reason? They believe that wine is characterized by a fundamental aspect - the uniqueness of the result every year. So each wine is a singular, non-repeatable element and the number engraved on the label should be a small reminder of that specific uniqueness.

🍷 From Gewürztraminer to Pinot Noir - each wine is unique in its character. No wine is like another and it is precisely this versatility that makes the wines of Ansitz Dornach so special!

👉🏼 Want to know more? Visit the homepage:

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We have wonderful news for you!
The gastronomic establishments in Auer/Ora, Montan/Montagna, Neumarkt/Egna and Salorno/Salurn are finally open for you again, after months of standstill! 😍

👉🏼 Please note that the consumption of food and drinks is currently only permitted in the outdoor areas of the establishments. If you still want to be inside, you have to provide a so-called „green certificate“.

🟢 The certificate is issued to all tested, recovered and fully vaccinated people and is valid as a ticket for the indoor areas of the gastronomic establishments as well as for the accommodation facilities.

💛 We wish our Bars & Restaurants all the best for a successful new start! 💛

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Photo: IDM Südtirol / Andreas Mierswa

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So schön kann die Apfelblüte sein! ♥

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