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»We, the Pfitschers, are a bit like our wines: different in character but always honest and genuine«⠀
Fired with enthusiasm and an enourmous passion for making great wines, the Pfitscher Winery is a very special winery in our region.⠀

🔸 The Pfitscher Family has been making wine for over 150 years, since 1861. Over the decades, their wine and philosophy has been developing constantly. Today, their wines still represent the sheer power of the grapes - authenticity and sincerity. ⠀

💚 Protecting the planet: the winery is the first one in Italy with a CasaClima accrediation. Their aim is to live and work in harmony with nature. That’s why sustainability and environmental awareness are the top priorities here! ⠀

🍇 „Sometimes capricious, even known to act like divas, but always fresh, honest and straightforward“ this is how the #pfitscherwines can be described! ⠀

👉🏼 Want to know more? Take a look at their homepage:

Südtirol Wein - Vini Alto Adige

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Good Morning! 🌞 Today we decided to get up a little earlier to go for a walk in the apple orchards. It was a bit cold, but definitely worth it: icy apple blossoms everywhere! 🌸❄️
The frost irrigation provides a good protection for the blossom for the later harvest and the final result is truly amazing 😍

Südtirol bewegt - Alto Adige da vivere

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The beauty of the apple blossom is incomparably amazing 🤍🌸
We have been waiting for this moment for so long! Spring is simply beautiful 💕

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We wish you all a wonderful day and lots of fun looking for Easter eggs 🐰

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» Making wine is like telling a part of our life story «⠀
A unique terroir, strong solidarity and many decades of history make the Cantina Girlan a very special winery.⠀

🔸 The Kellerei • Cantina Girlan was founded in 1923 by 23 winegrowers in a historic farmstead - the decisive cornerstone of the winery. Since then, it has grown and developed constantly. Today, about 200 winegrowers farm a huge area of vineyards in Unterland / Bassa Atesina and Überetsch / Oltradige. The close contact and support of each other individual is of great and significant importance. ⠀

🍇 The grapes, entirely hand-harvested, are received according to a precise harvest calendar and gently processed according to their quality, variety and origin. Cantina Girlan produces three distinct wine lines: ⠀
▫️ Selezioni (the premium wines), ⠀
▫️ Vigneti (from the best vineyard locations) and
▫️ Classici (the core of the production line) ⠀

🍷 Need more information? Visit their homepage:

#cantinagirlan #kellereigirlan #winetales

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