Tenuta Ansitz Dornach

General description

The extensive Dornach manor house, also known as the Dornach-Hof, was renovated at the end of the last century at the request of Anton von Gelmini zu Kreuzhof in a historicist style. On the north side, it is characterised by a high tower with a square ground plan and battlements as well as double-arched windows on two floors. The two tower bays with their pyramid-shaped roof, the projecting gable roof made of wood and the portico are remarkable. Some of the interior rooms are wood-panelled and have a coffered ceiling. In 1836 Anton von Gelmini zu Kreuzhof acquired all the Salurn properties of the widow Marianna von Fedrigotti née von Cosmi. Among them was the Dornach-Hof, which he had restored and converted into a castle-like residence. After his death in 1903, his son Max carried out some essential renovation work, including the almost pioneering creation of the vineyard terraces.

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Highway A22, exit Egna/Ora, direction Salorno center, over to Pochi

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