Auer / Ora, Montan / Montagna, Neumarkt / Egna and Salorno / Salurn

Holiday region Castelfeder Bolzano / Bozen and environs

The holiday villages Auer / Ora, Montan / Montagna, Neumarkt / Egna and Salorno / Salurn are situated south of Bolzano / Bozen, framed by orchards and vineyards. Beautiful wines flourish here, especially Pinot Noir, and crispy apples. Kalterer See / Lago di Caldaro is not far and the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage are close enough to touch. Culinary delights, relaxation or sporting activity: here in the holiday region Bolzano and environs everyone gets the best out of their holiday.

Castelfeder hill, that gave the region its name, is at the heart of the holiday region. It arises between the villages and connects them. It is as fascinating as it is unique. Old wall footings point to fortifications dating back to Late Antiquity and to a pre-historic settlement.
Culinary in our region
Hiking on the Schwarzhorn/Corno Nero
Schwarzsee-Naturpark Trudner Horn/Parco Nautrale Monte Corno
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Carnival, mainly known as "Maschgra" in the Unterland / Bassa Atesina region of South Tyrol, is also called the 5th season of the year. During this time, the villages are turned upside down: here, traditional carnival parades are a custom with deep roots. Those parades are celebrated by the locals with lots of hustle and bustle. 😍🎉

Don't miss the traditional parades!

- 08.02. Carnival Parade for kids in Auer / Ora
- 10.02. Carnival Parade "Perkeos Maschggra" in Salorno / Salurn
- 11.02.: Carnival parade "Aurer Maschgra" in Auer / Ora
- 13.02. Carnival Parade "Egetmann" for Kids in Tramin / Termeno

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Der Fasching, im Südtiroler Unterland vorwiegend als "Maschgra" bekannt, wird hier von vielen auch als "5. Jahreszeit" bezeichnet. Während dieser Zeit stehen die Dörfer auf dem Kopf: Traditionelle Faschingsumzüge sind hierzulande ein Brauch mit tiefen Wurzeln und werden von den Bewohnern mit viel Trubel und Jubel gefeiert. 🎉😍

Erlebt ein Stück Tradition hautnah mit:

- Do 08.02: Faschingsumzug für Kinder in Auer
- Sa 10.02: Perkeos Maschggra in Salurn
- So 11.02: Aurer Maschgra in Auer
- Di 13.02: Egetmann Kinderumzug in Tramin


Il Carnevale, noto soprattutto come "Maschgra" nella Bassa Atesina, è anche conosciuto da molti come la "quinta stagione" dell'anno. In questo periodo i villaggi vengono messi a soqquadro: qui, le tradizionali sfilate di carnevale sono un'usanza con radici profonde e vengono festeggiate con molto trambusto. 🎉😍

Non perdetevi le sfilate tradizionali:

- Gi 08.02: Sfilata per bambini ad Ora
- Sa 10.02: Sfilata Perkeos Maschggra a Salorno
- Do 11.02: Sfilata di Carnevale "Aurer Maschgra" ad Ora
- Ma 13.02: Sfilata Egetmann dei bambini a Termeno

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Zurück in die Zeit! 🕒
Die Ausstellung in den alten Wohnräumen des Museums für Alltagskultur in Neumarkt, zeigt Einrichtungs- und Gebrauchsgegenstände aus dem Alltag eines bürgerlichen Haushalts im 19. und 20. Jh. Die Exponate sind so präsentiert, als wäre das Haus heute noch bewohnt. Habt ihr es schon besichtigt? 😍


Un viaggio nel tempo passato! 🕒
L‘esposizione negli antichi salotti del Museo di Cultura Popolare ad Egna, presenta arredi e oggetti di uso quotidiano della vita di una famiglia borghese nel XIX e XX secolo. Gli oggetti esposti sono presentati come se la casa fosse abitata ancora oggi. L'avete già visitato? 😍

Photo: IDM Südtirol Alto Adige / Ivan Bortondello

Neumarkt Egna
Südtirol Alto Adige South Tyrol

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Let's go back in time! 🕒
The exhibition in the old living rooms of the Culture Museum in Neumarkt / Egna shows furnishings and objects from the everyday life of a middle-class household in the 19th and 20th centuries. The exhibits are presented as if the house is still inhabited today. Sounds pretty interesting, doesn't it? Have you already been there? 😍

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Photo: IDM Südtirol Alto Adige / Ivan Bortondello

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Winter may be cold, but t's also beautiful! In the Trudner Horn Nature Park you can go for a relaxing hike in the snowy woods and enjoy the peace of nature. There are lots of different hiking paths to discover ❄💙

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PH: TG Castelfeder / Thomas Monsorno

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