Winery Kollerhof

General description

The estate “Kollerhof” in Mazzon has its origins already in the Middle Ages. It has been recorded for the first time in the cadastral system by Maria Theresa. In 1966, the Visintin-family acquired the estate, stubbed the obsolete units, planted vines of the Pinot Nero and now, they are pressing since 2012 a high-quality Pinot Nero.
Later on, the old farmyard was disrupted because of an incomprehension and there was contructed a new building.
In order to enlarge the assortment, a white wine of the sort “Solaris” is pressed since 2015 at the estate Kollerhof. It is grown in Anterivo/Altrei and is resistant against mildew and downy mildew, that’s why it doesn’t need any pesticides. Thanks to the long hours in the sun and the mild winds coming from Lake Garda, it prospers optimally.
The wine Solaris is a rarity and a particularity. It unfolds the scent of elder and flowers, and in the mouth it leaves fruitiness and a special acidity, which characterise its taste.
The wine Solaris has obtained the prize “I SOLE” of the wine guide Veronelli.
On request, the wine cellar can be visited and possibly, the wines can be tasted.

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