Simonini Thaler

Kirchplatz 7/Piazza Chiesa 7
39040 Auer/Ora
General description
Birthplace of the famous South Tyrolean composer and provincial director of music Sepp Thaler in the
Oberdorf quarter. Born in Auer in 1901, Thaler, who died in 1982, as a young man worked there as
choirmaster and organist. In 1922 he took over leadership of the local music band, holding the position
for 58 years. After the Second World War, in 1948 Thaler became the musical director of the Association
of South Tyrolean Music Bands and, from 1980, the Association’s honorary musical director.
Thaler composed numerous works for brass instruments and a variety of secular and sacred choral
pieces. A recipient of the Tyrolean Service Cross and other awards, the Sepp Thaler Music School and
the Sepp-Thaler-Weg in the Mitterdorf are named after him.
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Piazza Principale 5
39040 - Auer / Ora - Südtirol/Alto Adige - Italy
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