St. Bartholomäusstraße 3/Via S. Bartolomeo 3
39040 Montan/Montagna
General description

There used to be two large residential units here: in the front part was the house of the tailor Ulrich Leb, mentioned in 1523, called am "Prunnen", named after the village fountain which stood in front of this house until the first decade of the 21st century; and in the rear part of the house was the "Haus an der Stiegen", first mentioned in 1526 with Conz Puphtaler. Inhabitants of these houses include cobblers, coopers, bailiffs and schoolmasters. Even a baking oven is mentioned: in the 17th century, when Montan had no baker of its own, the "Brothieter" also served bread here from time to time.

Peter, Elisabeth and Anna Terleth were the last private owners from 1875. With a foundation, they laid the foundation stone for the old people's home that has stood here since 2010.

The farm gate to the east and the farmhouse parlour to the south have been preserved from the old days and have both been well integrated into the new building.

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