Trainstation of the old Val di Fiemme railway track

General description

The train station of the old Val di Fiemme railway was the starting point of the line extending from Auer/Ora to Predazzo, passing through Montan/Montagna, Truden/Trodena, and Kaltenbrunn/Fontanefredde. In 1894, the construction of a railroad had already been considered. Prompted by WWI, the Austrian army command ordered construction of the railway in 1916; it was an important means of supplying the Dolomite Front. From 1918 onward, the railway also carried passengers. In 1930, the train - which was pulled by a steam engine - was electrified, thus reducing the travel time from 4 to 2 hours. Due to increasing mobilization and the establishment of a bus connection to Val di Fiemme, the train lost its importance. On January 10, 1963, the train ran one last time from, Auer to Predazzo, before being decommissioned. Today, the railway track is a popular path for cycling tours or hiking excursions. The old train station Auer Val di Fiemme is the location of several cultural events and concerts.

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