Auer Castle

Hauptplatz 5/Piazza Principale 5
39040 Auer/Ora
General description

At the church square, a medieval village castle rises majestically. This castle received its present form around 1600. Auer Castle is said to have been the ancestral seat of the Lords of Auer/Ora, who were first mentioned in 1190 as "Conradinus de Aura de masnada filiorum Enrici de Egna." In documents, the castle was also called the "Gesäss," as it housed, among other things, the official residence of the sovereigns. In the 19th century, the von Fioreschy family took over the property and gave it its present name: Von Fioreschy estate. In 2014, the estate underwent extensive renovations.

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Piazza Principale 5
39040 - Auer / Ora - Südtirol/Alto Adige - Italy
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