“Gasthof Goldener Löwe” (Golden Lion Inn)

Kirchplatz 11/Piazza della Chiesa 11
39040 Montan/Montagna
General description

According to oral tradition, it was once a customs station for the Enn jurisdiction. In 1530, an inn was first documented here. Furrier Hans Disner from Neumarkt is named as the tenant. The valuable wall paintings in the dining room, which probably also served as a courtroom at the time, date from this time.

The central element of these frescoes is the coat of arms of Emperor Charles V, who probably passed through Tyrol on his way back from Bologna to the Imperial Diet in Augsburg in 1530 and probably stopped here in Montan. Various allegorical representations can be seen in eight divided fields of the cross vault; the Habsburg imperial coat of arms, the Austrian shield with ducal hat and the Tyrolean coat of arms with laurel wreath are also shown in the centre of the west wall.

Owned by the Teiss family from 1586. In 1600, the "Guldenen Löwen auf Monthan" is described as an economic dwelling. 1687 Ownership by the Pernter family, who appear as restaurant owners until 1737. This was followed by the Constanz and later the Haidenberger from Olang and 10 further owners. In 1865 the property came to the Pichler family from Kalditsch, who had once migrated from Petersberg. Matthias, Peter and Kreszentia acquire the Oberwirt. They are followed as owners in 1928 by Lambert Pichler and then his widow Martha until 1974, followed by their son Otto Pichler with his wife Magdalena Scherlin. In 2002, their son Harald Pichler took over the "Goldener Löwen" together with his wife Barbara Thaler and their two daughters.

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