“zur Goldenen Krone” Inn

General description

The “zur Goldenen Krone” Inn dates from the 14th century and had a long row of spacious arcades supported on massive stone blocks. The entrance to the inner courtyard of the inn dates from the 17th century. The year 1650 is engraved in the key. The farm was ceded by the Lichtenstein family to the monastery of St. Michele all’Adige in 1470. In the 16th century, the Perkmanns were mostly the owners or rather leaseholders of the house, in the 17th century the Feigenputz and the Röll, Traxl and Lutterotti in the 18th century. It was considered the best inn between Bolzano and Trento and had a wealthy clientele. Despite decay in the previous two centuries, ownership of the building passed to the Mutschlechner family in 1811, who used it not only as an inn, but also for retail trade, horse-drawn carriage hire, a distillery and a butcher's shop.

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Goldene Krone
TG Castelfeder
Castelfeder sulla Strada del Vino Soc. Coop. a r. l.
Piazza Principale 5
39040 Auer / Ora Südtirol/Alto Adige - Italy
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