The church of our Lady of Villa

General description

The church of our Lady of Villa at Egna. There have been reports of the presence of a church on this site from the middle of the 13th century on, but construction of the building as we know it today started in 1412 with the building of the choir and ended at the beginning of the 16th century with the completion of the vault. The bell tower dominates the façade of the church, extending above the entrance to create an atrium leading to the main portal. Next to the portal is a niche for donations with frescoes of the Madonna and the Holy Child. On the west façade of the bell tower, a wooden roof protects a fresco of St. Christopher with Jesus. The interior of the church appears delicate and elegant; light is supplied by eight windows, four of which are situated in the choir. Particularly valuable is the Gothic tabernacle and the base of the pulpit. The few frescoes preserved inside are from the beginning of the 16th century and are attributed to the painter Konrad Waider. In 1767, the church was desecrated following the flooding of Trodena/Trudner Creek, which swept through and destroyed the major part of the interior; following this it was used as a stall and storage room. In the middle of the last century, the artistic value of the building was recognized and restoration and re-consecration was undertaken. Today it is considered one of the most beautiful late Gothic churches of the region.

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Highway A22, exit Egna/Ora, direction Villa

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