Church of St. Daniel

Kiechlberg/San Daniele
39040 Auer/Ora
General description

Belonging to the Danielhof estate, the scenically located church once belonged to the Benedictine Sonnenburg Abbey in the Puster Valley. The present structure has lancet-arch windows on the south wall and choir screens that probably date from the 14th century. In the early 15th century came fan and ribbed vaulting above wall pilasters, subsequently decorated with mural paintings. The north wall features scenes from the story of St. Daniel (including Daniel in the lion’s den), donated in 1444 by a Bozen customs official. On the north wall of the nave appear Saint Catherine and consecration crosses with the hand of blessing.

The late-Gothic winged altar from 1525 is an art-historical gem. The predella relief shows the Lamentation of Christ with, to the sides, Catharine and Barbara, Margaret and Dorothy. The central shrine shows the Madonna with Child and the Saints Daniel and Chrysanthus, with Peter and Paul in bas-relief on the inner wings. When closed, the wings show the guardians of the shrine, George and Florian, as well as scenes from the life of the church’s patron saint. Restoration work was carried out in 1991 and 2012-13.

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39040 Auer / Ora Südtirol/Alto Adige - Italy
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