Parish Church Kaltern/Caldaro

Marktplatz/Piazza Principale 1
39052 Kaltern/Caldaro

celebrate Mass: Saturday evening: 7 pm (winter)/7.30 pm (summer) Sunday 9 am and 10.15 am (german/italian) Weekly: Wednesday and Friday 9 am

General description

Time table:

1191 First mention of a priest Nolpertus

1211 First mention of the parish as plebs Caldari

15th century Late Gothic hall building

1498 Winged altar by Hans Klockner

1791 Demolition of the Old parish Church

1792/93 New construction of the parish church - frescoes by Joseph Schöpf

1793 Sanctification of the parish church

1899/1900 Restoration by Steiner to Felsburg

2002/2004 Restoration of the parish church: complete reconstruction of the church roof, entire interior restoration by Gebr. Zingerle, renovation of the lighting and loudspeaker system, restoration of the high altar.

The high altar of  Teodor Benedetti (around 1740), the high altar of Michelangelo Unterberger (1744) and the ceiling painting by Joseph Schöpf (1792/93) are especially worth seeing .

Source: parish office Kaltern

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Theparish church is located on Kaltern’s market square, in the heart of the village.

Opening hours Parish Church: yearlong
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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