Picturesque Arcades in Egna

General description

Egna is located at the foot of he Castelfeder hill. Already in the Middle Ages the village was a thriving trading centre due to its strategic geographical position and today it is the main cultural and economic centre of the Bassa Atesina. It is no coincidence that this lovely village is considered one of the most beautiful places in Italy. A must see is the old village centre with its 500 metres of arcades, its stately manors and magnificent inter courtyards. This is where you will find the perfect mix of entertainment, relaxation and taste.

Description to arrive at destination

Freeway A22, exit Egna/Ora

Public transport

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Recommended season
TG Castelfeder
Castelfeder sulla Strada del Vino Soc. Coop. a r. l.
Piazza Principale 5
39040 Auer / Ora Südtirol/Alto Adige - Italy
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