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The buildings of the “Happacherhof” go back to 1604. Originally, the estate consisted of two courts who belonged to two different families. One of them was the Happacher family. In 1911, the Steinkeller family acquired the court. The Steinkeller family was employed in the fruit trade and supplied the monarchy from Bozen/Bolzano. Due to the world economic crisis in the 1920s, the Steinkeller family was not able to keep the court. In 1938, the court was put up to auction and bought by the “Ente di Rinascita”, which sold the court to the Botta family. A family’s supervisor run the court but the family did not invest into the maintenance of the court. In 1984, the state administration acquired the court and provided it to the agriculture school. In 1989, the court was renovated and renamed “Happacherhof”. Today, it is an important court for agricultural exercises for students.

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