Pinot Noir festival
Place: Montan, Neumarkt
When: 06.05.2017 - 08.05.2017
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Welcome to South Tyrol

South Tyrol: a land in the heart of Europe

The South Tyrol region extends south of the Brenner, up to the Salurner Klause (Salurn narrowing), for 7,400 km². Here, the population is 500,000 and consists of Germans, Italians, and Ladins. The South Tyrol region is characterized by a contrast between north and south and between Alpine and Mediterranean cultures.

South Tyrol – The magic of variety

Today too, South Tyrol is described as a symbiosis between Alpine and Mediterranean character, spontaneity, reliability, nature, and culture.
In South Tyrol you can see steep rock walls and snow-covered peaks, vibrant city centres and fairy-tale villages, fortified towns and romantic castles. You can enjoy good wine, tasty speck, crusty Schüttelbrot bread, delightful-smelling chestnuts, as well as great hospitality.

South Tyrol – Land of flavours

The cuisine too reflects the blending of the two cultures: the traditional, Tyrolean, peasant culinary traditions and Mediterranean cuisine. The specialties of South Tyrol comprise apples, grapes, chestnuts, Schüttelbrot bread, honey, wine, grappa, and much more! 

History of South Tyrol

South Tyrol, the region which extends between the Brenner pass and Salurn, was part of the Austrian empire until World War I. As a result of the peace treaties the region was assigned to Italy and thus Italianized. Today South Tyrol is an autonomous region and a model for the entire world as regards the defence of minority rights.

Highlights of South Tyrol

If you come to South Tyrol not only to enjoy the beauty of its landscape but also to learn about this land and its people, Culturonda® gives you the ideal opportunity to do so through an impressive series of cultural experiences of great interest:

Further information on South Tyrol!!

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