South Tyrol wine rout week - Vino in Festa
Place: Along the South Tyrol wine route
When: 20.04.2017 - 10.06.2017
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What you absolutely have to see!


Lake Kaltern

Kaltern on the wine route

Lake Kaltern is the warmest lake, suitable for swimming, in the entire Alpine mountain range.

Nestled amidst vineyards, Lake Kaltern is situated a little to the west of Auer on the wine route. The prevailing colour of both the lake and the surrounding landscape is pale green. Lake Kaltern is one of the largest lakes in South Tyrol, as well as the warmest lake in the entire Alpine mountain range (bathing season: May to September). The lake is 1.8 km long, 0.9 km wide, and its maximum depth is 5.6 m.

Choose your activity

At Lake Kaltern you can swim in the lake or in the lido’s swimming pool; go surfing and sailing with the surfing and sailing school run by the world champion, Klaus Maran; leisurely navigate on board a pedalo or on a rowing boat; or simply soak up the sun, lying on the shore!

in the lake is great too, as it abounds with fish, especially daces, carps, pike and eels.

Also highly recommended is a bicycle ride or a walk around the lake and up to Leuchtenburg Castle!

Blick auf den Kalterer See

Ruins of Leuchtenburg Castle, overlooking Lake Kaltern

The ruins of Leuchtenburg Castle, mentioned in local legends, overlook Lake Kaltern. The castle was built in the 13th century and housed the quarters of Kaltern’s judge for a long period. It is today a landmark of Lake Kaltern and a popular destination for visitors.

Lake Kaltern biotope – area protected by the “Natura 2000” project

The southern bank of Lake Kaltern consists of a wide strip of land thick with reeds, and it is protected by the Natura 2000 project. This marshland is the only biotope of its kind to be found between the Reschen pass and Verona, and it lies at the fork of one of the most important routes followed by migratory birds. For this reason the marshlands of Lake Kaltern are a rest and nest-building area for many rare bird species and marsh animals. Over 100 bird species have been recorded in scientific surveys.

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