Unterland wine-tasting event
Place: Schloss Baumgarten - Auer
When: 20.08.2015 - 22.08.2015
Time: from 7 pm
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What you absolutely have to see!

      Old railway line


Markus Market
When: 25.04.2015
Time: from 8.00 am
Place: Auer
The S. Marco Market at Ora has a long tradition and is a great event for locals and tourists every year. Over 200 sales and food stands offer a wide r ... read more
South Tyrol wine rout week - Vino in Festa
When: 09.05.2015 - 06.06.2015
Place: Along the South Tyrol wine route
For a month - form 09th May to the 6th June 2014 - the 16 wine-growing areas along the South Tyrol wine route become the location for a very special e ... read more
Pinot Noir festival
When: 16.05.2015 - 18.05.2015
Place: Montan, Neumarkt
South Tyrol Pinot Noir Festival in Neumarkt and Montan This international event is dedicated to Pinot Noir. Public seminars and tastings take place in ... read more
Lagrein and the changing times
When: 04.06.2015
Time: 7.00 - 0.00 pm
Place: Kirchplatz - Auer
Auer is a typical cultivation area for the autochthon Lagrein grape. This event will give you extensive information about this full-bodied red wine, i ... read more
Walther Trophy
When: 04.06.2015 - 07.06.2015
Place: Auer, Schießstand
The riflemen of Ora organize an international competition. There will be a test-stand, exhibitions, different snacks and there will be present a servi ... read more
Wine Cellar Night
When: 06.06.2015
Time: 5.00 - 0.00 pm
Place: along the South Tyrol wine route
More than 25 famous and well-loved cellars along the South Tyrol wine route open their doors to amateurs, experts and all enthusiasts of wine. A one-o ... read more
Neumarkt street festival
When: 07.08.2015 - 09.08.2015
Time: from 6 pm
Place: Neumarkt
Neumarkt has its traditional village festival in its leafy streets. Music, entertainment and South Tyrolean specialities await! read more
Unterland wine-tasting event
When: 20.08.2015 - 22.08.2015
Time: from 7 pm
Place: Schloss Baumgarten - Auer
At the Unterland wine-tasting event you can find out all about wine as well as sample the various kinds! Seminars and presentations draw visitors from ... read more
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