Unterland wine-tasting event
When: 24.08.2017 - 25.08.2017
Time: 7 pm
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Klausenhof Garni Meinrad Hotel Amadeus

What you absolutely have to see!


Pure entertainment

Tips for families

An exciting holiday for all the family awaits you in the south of South Tyrol…:

Wandern mit der ganzen Familie

Auer, Nationalstraße
Neumarkt, Brennerstraße
Montan, Dolomitenstraße
Salurn, sports area - Aldo Moro Straße and in Buchholz

Automatic bowling alley in Montan bowling centre; bowling alleys in Hotel Pernter and Hotel Dorfner in Gschnon
Open-air at Auer in the Schwarzenbach sports area
Neumarkt in the Gänsplätzen sports area; Laag Gfrillnerweg

Children’s playgrounds:
Auer: in the Schwarzenbach sports area, at Heinrich-Lona Square and in field huts
Montan: in St. Bartholomäusstraße next to the fairground; new sports area
Neumarkt: Grieserweg, Strass, Gänsplätzen, Vill, Laag (Föhrenwald, Raif)
Salurn: Puitenstraße, Bergweg and Buchholz

Mountain bike/bike hire:
Castelfeder tourist office in Auer, Hauptplatz 5 (children’s helmets)
and Neumarkt, Laubengasse 28.
A cycle path runs from Bozen to Salurn with rest stops and children’s play areas between Auer and Neumarkt.

Kinder, Mountainbike


Open-air pool in Auer, Schwarzenbach 2, family-friendly outdoor pool with slide and children’s play area
Open-air pool in Neumarkt, Brennerstraße 3, family-friendly outdoor pool with slide, springboard, children’s play area and multi-purpose playing field
Open-air pool in Salurn, sports area - Aldo Moro Straße, family-friendly outdoor pool with designated children’s swimming areas, slides and diving boards Lake Kaltern: the warmest lake for swimming in the Alps

Tennis courts:
Auer: Schwarzenbach sports area
Montan: sports area
Neumarkt: Schießstandweg 4; Laag: Gfrillnerweg Tennis courts:
Salurn: sports area – Aldo Moro Str., Buchholz

Small sports pitches (basketball, volleyball etc.):
Neumarkt: Gänsplätzen sports area
Montan: Dolomitenstraße sports area

Rollerblading and skateboarding:
Both at the sports area on Dolomitenstraße, Montan and on Fleimstaler Straße in Auer

Forest and meadow area:
Old mill in Auer

Areas with traffic-calming:
The centre of Neumarkt is traffic-free. There are no specific traffic-reduction areas in Montan, but the village is naturally fairly quiet. There is no traffic-calming in Auer, but there is a pedestrian underpass.

The Castelfeder nature discovery trail is ideal for families. The Castelfeder tourist office offers information on many footpaths and walks of varying lengths and levels of difficulty. Dürer route: a cultural trail in the footsteps of the famous German artist. At present the path is very simply sign-posted. There are plans for more thorough and informative signposting.

Kinder, Balancieren

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