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Enjoying wine on the South Tyrolean wine route

Vine and wine in Castelfeder holiday region

Wine production has always shaped the life and culture of people living in the Bozen Unterland. A good third of the wine-growing area of South Tyrol—nearly 1,800 hectares—is located in the Unterland in the south of the region. Salurn has 450 hectares, Neumarkt 150 hectares, Montan 130 hectares and Auer 60 hectares of vineyards.




Great wines are produced by the many winegrowers on the sunny slopes and along the wine route. The different altitudes, soils and microclimates of the Unterland vineyards are responsible for the wide variety of grapes that are cultivated and thrive in the wine-growing region of South Tyrol. In spite of this colourful variety, some grapes are particularly successful and set the tone: Pinot Noir, Lagrein and Schiava (Vernatsch) reds, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer whites.

Useful to know: The South Tyrol wine route begins at Nals and passes through the Upper Etsch valley and Unterland to Salurn. All towns in the Castelfeder holiday region—Auer, Montan, Neumarkt and Salurn—lie on the wine route.

Wines of the Castelfeder holiday region

Pinot Noir is particularly well-suited to conditions in the hills around Mazon and Pinzon. This most elegant of red wines thrives here with many variants, all velvety, full-bodied and with a lasting finish. Its claim on this particular area is confirmed by the international Pinot-Noir-Symposium which takes place each year in Montan and Neumarkt.




Pinot Noir 
Acreage:334 hectares
Cultivation area:Predominantly Unterland and Upper Etsch; Bozen valley basin, Etsch Valley, Vinschgau
Character:Pinot Noir is a ruby- to garnet-red wine with a high tannin content, intense, heady aroma of forest fruits and a lasting, full-bodied flavour.
Recommendation:An ideal accompaniment to roasted meats, game and nutty mountain cheeses.
Serving temperature:16 - 18° C
D.O.C. appellation:Südtiroler Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir), Südtirol Vinschgau Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir)

Acreage:396 hectares
Cultivation area:Predominantly Bozen valley basin; Unterland, Upper Etsch, Etsch Valley
Character:Lagrein Kretzer or Rosé is a pink to light-ruby wine with a sweet, pleasant aroma and a fresh, lively flavour.
Recommendation:A good accompaniment to hearty appetizers, smoked fish and white meats.
Serving temperature:12 - 14° C
D.O.C. appellation:Südtiroler Lagrein Kretzer or Rosé
Character:Lagrein has a ruby- and dark garnet-red colour with an aroma of violet and blackberry. Its flavour is full-bodied and velvety with subtle tangy undertones.
Recommendation:Best enjoyed with game, roasted meats, red meats and mountain cheeses.
Serving temperature:16-18 C
D.O.C. appellation:Südtiroler Lagrein

Schiava (Vernatsch)-Kalterersee
Acreage:1,506 hectares
Cultivation area:Across the South Tyrolean wine-growing area
Character:Schiava (Vernatsch) is a light wine with low tannin content and a light-ruby to ruby-red colour. Its flavour is mild and fruity with hints of bitter almond.
Recommendation:Ideal for between courses, to accompany appetizers or typical Tyrolean dishes such as speck and sausage, as well as white meats and mild cheeses.
Serving temperature:14 - 16° C
D.O.C. appellation:Kalterer or Kalterersee, Südtirol St. Magdalener, Südtirol Bozner Leiten, Südtirol Meraner, Südtiroler Vernatsch, Südtiroler Grauvernatsch

Acreage:445 hectares
Cultivation area:Predominantly Unterland and Upper Etsch, Bozen valley basin, Etsch Valley
Character:Chardonnay is a popular, well-loved white wine with a yellow green colour, gentle fruity aroma and dry, lively flavour. Hints of pineapple, banana, apple, pear, citrus fruits, caramel, vanilla and butter.
Recommendation:Often drunk as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to appetizers and fish.
Serving temperature:10 - 12° C (in the barrique also at 12 - 14° C)
D.O.C. appellation:Südtiroler Chardonnay, Südtirol Terlaner Chardonnay, Südtirol Vinschgau Chardonnay

Acreage:400 hectares
Cultivation area:Predominantly Unterland and Upper Etsch; Bozen valley basin, Etsch Valley, Eisack valley, Vinschgau, Meran
Character:Gewürztraminer is becoming one of the most sought-after wines of South Tyrol. A straw- to golden-yellow, aromatic and full-bodied white wine with gentle to distinctive flavours and a pleasantly dry, lightly tangy aroma. Besides the hints of spice are undertones of cloves, roses and lychee.
Recommendation:A good accompaniment to fish appetizers, pastas, foie gras, seafood and shellfish as well as spiced oriental cuisine. Also excellent as an aperitif or dessert wine.
Serving temperature:11 - 13° C
D.O.C. appellation:Südtiroler Gewürztraminer, Südtirol Eisacktaler Gewürztraminer, Südtirol Vinschgau Gewürztraminer
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