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Culinary events

in the South Tyrol Unterland

We recommend the following culinary highlights:

  • South Tyrol Pinot Noir Week: This international event is dedicated to Pinot Noir. Public seminars and tastings take place in Neumarkt and Montan. Pinot Noir Week culminates in a Pinot Noir festival in the centre of Neumarkt! Pay us a visit!
  • South Tyrol wine route month: From mid-May to mid-June the 15 wine-growing areas along the South Tyrolean wine route become the location for the so-called “wine route month”.
  • Wine tasting week in the Unterland: the traditional Unterland wine-tasting week takes place in Auer each August. The event offers a good overview of wine production and wines of the Unterland region and is an important rendezvous point for wine experts and enthusiasts.
  • Night of the cellars: During the night of the cellars, many cellars along the South Tyrolean wine route keep their doors open until late into the night.

Strauben, Kastanien, Knödel

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