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An apple paradise in South Tyrol

All about the apple

South Tyrol is a perfect place for many sorts of juicy, fruity apples! Here are the most important varieties:

Golden DeliciousGolden Delicious
Flavour: Juicy, sweetly aromatic with light acidity
Hybrid: Chance seeding in 1890
Harvesting: Mid-September
Availability: Mid-September to July

Royal GalaRoyal Gala
Flavour: Low acidity, sweet aroma, crisp
Hybrid: Kidd’s Orange x Golden Delicious
Harvesting: Mid-August
Availability: Mid-August to mid-March

Flavour: Aromatic, crisp, juicy with a high sugar content
Hybrid: Rall's Janet x Delicious, 1939
Harvesting: Early/mid-October
Availability: October to May

Flavour: Juicy, crisp, firm bite with pleasant sugar-acidity ratio
Hybrid: Lady Hamilton seeding, 1952
Harvesting: Early October
Availability: Early October to the end of May

Granny SmithGranny Smith
Flavour: Fresh, juicy, light acidity, firm flesh
Hybrid: Chance seeding, 1868
Harvesting: Early October
Availability: Early October to mid-June

Stark DeliciousStark Delicious
Flavour: Crisp, juicy, sweet aroma typical of the variety
Hybrid: Mutation of Delicious, 1921
Harvesting: Early/mid-September
Availability: Early/mid-September to May

Cripps PinkCripps Pink (cov) / PINK LADY®
Flavour: Juicy, crisp with fruity, lightly acidic taste and high sugar content
Hybrid: Lady William’s x Golden Delicious, 1973
Harvesting: End of October
Availability: End of October to May

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